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Super Suds Car Wash

Super Suds Car Wash features an express car wash that uses the latest technology to get the dirt and grime off of your vehicle all while you enjoy the ride! Our car wash tunnel has the capability of offering three various wash packages that can be taylored to the condition of your vehicle.

Did you know that washing your car at Super Suds Car Wash with recycled water can cut your water usage by over half when compared to washing your vehicle at home? In addition all of our soaps and detergents are environmentally friendly and the the used products are disposed of properly.

Don't forget the free vacuums!

Every car wash comes with a free trip to our vacuum stations to put the finishing touches on your car or truck.

Your car will get the VIP treatment it deserves in just a few quick minutes. Our car wash system is so quick that we will send you home feeling like a super hero!!

Visit our neighbor store for your auto repair needs!
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Super Suds Car Wash
121 W Leota St. | North Platte, NE 69101 | (308) 221-6013